A comprehensive marketing odyssey with Odigo

Odigo is a leading European provider of cloud-based contact center software. Their AI-infused tech helps manage customer calls and messages, freeing up time for organisations and shifting focus back onto customer care. With hundreds of expert employees and 150,000 active users across 100 countries their web development, multilingual content and design needs are huge. On account of this scale, working with Odigo has been a significant focus of our activities here at Atelier. Since 2021 we've been supporting their growth with a new website, complex multilingual campaigns, promotional materials for events and so much more!


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Building a dynamic digital home
Odigo had a long list of challenges when it came to launching a new version of their website. It won’t come as a surprise that step one was establishing a dedicated team with clear priorities, project ownership and a plan. Then came tackling major needs; transitioning the WordPress CMS to the Gutenberg editor, much-needed optimization to ensure full web and mobile functionality, the launch of 4 additional language versions as well as a dedicated partner platform. Hundreds of pages were initially migrated over the course of 3 months and with a growing resource library and partner network, Odigo’s website is a living entity we continue to nurture.

Brand identity

Standing out without being static
Brand books, visual identity and tone of voice are about more than making a brand recognisable, they’re also about being relatable. Odigo’s identity has a well-defined core of simple impactful style and tone guidelines that reflect why they do what they do, but enough flexibility to keep on differentiating in a rapidly evolving market. We’ve been there for competitor analysis, a brand refresh and coaching a diverse team within Odigo on how to use the brand book to keep Odigo looking distinctive, digitally or on promotional materials.

Brochures & thought leadership

Enriching the funnel
How does a B2B company raise its visibility, position itself as an expert and engage the range of personas involved in decision-making and investment in their product? The answer is a rich portfolio of content. Odigo has a strong internal marcom plan but at Atelier we can provide a clear vision. Building up a library of relevant content is a long-term project and though variety is good, 20 different formats can negatively impact user experience. By creating personas and targeted content definitions, deliberate decisions can deliver impactful contact. We work to create and launch content within Odigo’s ecosystem of marcom and product teams, analyst partners and SEO providers to engage with prospects on every level.

Social media

Establishing presence, not just posting
Multiple languages, local campaigns and numerous stakeholders with their own unique style have made collaborating with Odigo’s Social Media Manager anything but dull. Variety is easy but consistency and balance is much more difficult to achieve. Not only have we contributed vibrant flashcards and catchy content but when Odigo launched on a new market the content curation and research provided by Atelier led to the number of followers in the new market overtaking Odigo’s original SM feed. It’s not enough to post, we help curate a presence.

The Talk

An event with an identity all its own
The Talk CX is Odigo’s yearly Parisian customer experience (CX) event. A bit like TEDx, the Talk CX is a one-day event of 5 engaging keynote speeches, delivered by industry experts, followed by cocktails and networking. It’s a customer experience event with an identity all its own. We’ve been there creating the French content, optimizing YouTube video titles and descriptions, reviewing the UX and UI of the dedicated site and helping create a lasting online identity.


Designing spaces to attract and engage
In Odigo’s fast-paced tech-based industry, trade shows, exhibitions and events literally have competitors and rivals facing off in a bid to captivate the attention of attendees. Our role has been the eye-catching booth design and brochure inserts which stop browsing and skim reading in its tracks. We help deliver an unrivaled opportunity, taking prospects by the hand and leading them on a personalized journey towards conversion.  

Space branding

Space branding
The way a space feels and functions should embody the values and dynamics of the people working there. So, Odigo’s new flagship office needed to reflect important core values, open communication and an inclusive workplace. How does design deliver dynamic collaboration? A visual identity and a mixture of working spaces can not only create a sense of belonging but also encourage team dynamics and break down barriers between departments. The musical theme? Well, the unique ideas of individuals are enriched by the diversity of a full orchestra.
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