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Being a boutique law firm, Armata Legal selectively chooses cases, treating each one with the utmost commitment. What sets the brand apart from the competition are tailored solutions that effectively solve legal problems and meet our clients' challenges by quickly adapting to their unique needs. Atelier established an entirely fresh and distinct brand identity with a new logotype expressing the spirit and distinctive features of the brand and new multilingual communication.

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Brand strategy and identity

Standing out among legal firms
Atelier has breathed new life into Armata Legal's brand identity through a comprehensive and transformative brand strategy. This new brand strategy encompasses a complete overhaul, redefining Armata Legal in the legal landscape. This rejuvenated identity serves as a testament to Armata Legal's evolution and unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled legal expertise. As the firm embarks on this exciting chapter, it invites clients, partners, and the legal community to experience a refined and innovative approach to legal services.

The new strategy embodies a balance between tradition and a forward-thinking approach. The brand new logo, inspired by the dynamic and resilient hummingbird, symbolizes determination, agility, and creativity. The carefully selected color palette and design elements harmonize tradition with a modern aesthetic, creating a visual identity that stands out in the legal realm. The new tone of voice has been meticulously curated to reflect the unique character of the brand. This distinctive tone communicates the firm's dedication to understanding clients at a profound level, making Armata Legal a trusted ally in their legal journey.


Style and simplicity
Atelier has seamlessly integrated Armata Legal's new positioning strategy into the very fabric of the website. Navigating through the pages, visitors will experience the firm's dedication to tradition, ethics, and new modern identity. The website serves as a virtual gateway to the brand’s essence - a client-centric approach. Breaking barriers and embracing global accessibility, Armata Legal's website now proudly stands in multiple languages - Polish, English, and very soon French. Atelier leveraged the power of Webflow, a no-code platform with an intuitive CMS, to create a website that is not only stunning but also empowers Armata Legal to make quick and easy updates. Unlike traditional platforms like WordPress, Webflow allows the client to effortlessly add and modify content and even entire pages, ensuring the website remains a dynamic and responsive asset.
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