Armata Legal brand tranformaation

Armata Legal, a botique law firm renowned for its dedication to service excellence and unmatched results, faced a common challenge. Despite their strong reputation, they needed a refreshed brand identity to stand out in a competitive market and reflect their commitment client service. 

We stepped in to revamp their visual identity and create a modern, user-friendly website that would resonate with their clientele. Our goal was to ensure that Armata Legal not only maintained its esteemed reputation but also projected a polished, contemporary image that aligns with their values and vision for the future.

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The challenge

Armata Legal being a boutique law firm, sought a redefined identity that reflected their commitment to highly tailored services, professionalism and innovative approach to solving client problems. They required a cohesive brand strategy that would resonate with their clientele and differentiate them in a extremely competitive market.

The solution

Strategic deep dive
We began with deep-dive strategy sessions to understand Armata Legal's core values and future aspirations. These discussions allowed us to develop a clear brand positioning that reflects their dedication to integrity and excellence.Unified Visual Identity.

Unified visual identity
We crafted a visual identity inspired by the dynamic hummingbird, symbolizing determination and agility. The new logo and a sophisticated color palette of navy and gold blend tradition with modernity, ensuring a consistent and polished appearance across all materials.

Compelling slogan
The slogan, "Future on your terms," encapsulates Armata Legal's mission to empower clients in their legal journeys. It highlights their commitment to providing personalized, high-quality services tailored to each client's needs.

Consistent brand voice
We revamped Armata Legal's tone of voice to be authoritative yet approachable, reflecting their dedication to understanding clients deeply. This new voice is consistently applied across all communications, reinforcing their trusted ally status.

Digital perfection
We transformed Armata Legal's website into a user-friendly, multilingual platform (Polish, English, and soon French) using Webflow. This no-code platform enables easy updates, ensuring the site remains dynamic and responsive. The website now serves as a virtual gateway, showcasing the firm’s client-centric approach and modern identity.

The outcome

The rebranding of Armata Legal resulted in a stronger market presence and increased client trust. The new visual identity and website significantly improved user engagement and client retention. The cohesive branding strategy effectively positioned Armata Legal as a leader in their field, ready to serve their clients with renewed confidence and professionalism.
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