Empowering workforce mobility across Europe

IPF Jobs, empowers workforce mobility across Europe by connecting employers with verified, well-matched employees. The company’s mission is to bridge borders across Europe with trust and transparency, fostering long-term, collaborative relationships that enhance the experiences of both employers and workers.


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The challenge

IPF Jobs, needed a brand makeover. The goal? Reflect its mission to connect employers and employees across Europe with trust and transparency. The challenge was to create an identity that not only stands out but also resonates on a deeply human level.

The solution

A ground up brand transformation
To meet this challenge, Movily embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey. First, we introduced the new name "Movily," capturing the essence of movement and connection. The visual identity was overhauled with a modern logo and a color scheme designed to convey reliability and warmth, aligning perfectly with the brand’s core values.

Human stories, front and center
Central to our strategy was putting human stories at the forefront. We showcased real experiences to highlight the positive impact Movily has on lives and businesses. The new slogan, "Breaking borders in hiring, one story at a time," was crafted to underscore our commitment to personal connections and meaningful relationships.

Beautiful and human-centered digital experience
We also enhanced the digital experience by revamping the website to be user-friendly and engaging. Multilingual support was added to serve our diverse European audience, demonstrating our dedication to inclusivity and accessibility.

Consistent and clear messaging
Consistency in messaging was key. We ensured that all touchpoints, from social media profiles to business cards, clearly reflected Movily's mission and values. By leveraging testimonials and success stories, we aimed to build credibility and trust with our audience.

The outcome

Movily's emphasis on trust and transparency within its new visual identity aims to strengthen its reputation as a reliable partner for businesses seeking well-matched, verified employees across Europe. By focusing on personal stories and real-life impacts, Movily anticipates building a compelling narrative that will set it apart from competitors and foster lasting relationships with its audience.

By highlighting real-life stories, Movily aims to build a compelling narrative that will differentiate it from competitors and foster lasting relationships with both partners and employees across Europe. We believe this rebranding will pave the way for Movily to empower workforce mobility, making Europe feel a little smaller, one story at a time.
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