IPF Medical's brand total makeover for the big league

IPF Medical, the Polish go-to brand for connecting physiotherapists from Poland and other EU countries with French medical facilities, hit a bump. They were great at their game but needed a serious brand glow-up to mix it with the big leagues. 

We stepped in to dial up their brand identity and create a brand new website, ensuring they were dressed for success on the global stage while staying true  to the roots of what they do and why they do it - transforming lives, one match at a time.


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Positioning strategy
Visual & verbal identity
UX & UI design

The challenge

The main headache? Standing out in a world jam-packed with recruitment agencies. IPF Medical wanted a brand that was all them – professional, personal, and a bit revolutionary, showing they were serious about changing lives, not just filling positions.

The solution

A new game plan
Kicking off with a series of deep-dive strategy sessions, we got to the heart of what IPF Medical stands for and where they wanted to go. We translated all of that knowledge into a clear brand positioning give IPF Medical a crisp identity. The aim was clear - to craft a brand identity that resonated loud and clear with both the employers and the job seekers. 

A nifty new brand name
Next on the agenda was a name refresh. We set out to invent a catchy name that embodied the company's core service and its freshly crated identity, mission and vision. That’s how Match Medica was born. Match Medica combines the essence of precise matchmaking with medical expertise, highlighting brands focus on perfectly aligning healthcare professionals' skills and aspirations with the right medical facilities and opportunities to allow them to flourish.

A thought provoking slogan
"Make your future match you" reflects Match Medica’s mission to guide healthcare professionals towards opportunities that truly align with their career goals and personal aspirations. Match Medica is there to ensure their next career step is not just a move, but the right move for their future.

A fresh face and voice
But what’s a great name without a look to match (see what we did there?). We rolled up our sleeves and developed a visual identity concept that is as bold and forward-thinking as Match Medica vision for the future while remaining true to its mission - changing candidates futures. Their tone of voice got a complete overhaul as well to complete the new look and feel and to make sure that we capture the heart of what the brand does in every visual and in every word.

A seamless digital experience
After crafting a sharp identity and a voice that really speaks, we translated Match Medica's visual identity into their website making their digital presence a true extension of their brand. We also made sure that making the user journey of finding the perfect job or a perfect candidate is as effortless and smooth as possible.

The outcome

Match Medica is now a friendly face for physiotherapists and medical facilities worldwide. We created and then designed an identity for Match Medica that matches brand ambition to become truly global and made it ready to rub shoulders with best in the industry.

We made sure that the company isn’t only standing out amongst competitors, but it’s setting a new standard for visual and verbal communication and is on everyone’s lips when it comes to international medical recruitment.
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